Reasonable Growth Consulting for Independent Businesses

White River Consulting is a small, selective, business consulting company focused on small to medium businesses. We believe that marketing and growing your business should not be complicated and we strive to simplify the growth process through our unique and transparent process. 

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Why We Are Different

We Cut Through the Noise

Business consulting is usually noisy and disruptive.  White River Consulting takes a different stance.  We make solving problems collaborative and empowering and never leave you high and dry.


No long-term contracts, no upselling, and no commissions. 

White River Marketing

We Are Totally Transparent

Business consultants and marketing agencies rely on long-term contracts and behind-the-scenes tactics to get the job done. Our clients get “Behind the curtain,” to see how the sausage is made.


We don’t want monthly credit card payments–We drive Growth.

White River Consulting Honesty

We ALWAYS Stay In Our Lane

White River Consulting works with your current agency or internal marketing professionals.  We never insert ourselves into your current process, we just try to make it sharper.


White River works WITH your team–we don’t try to replace them.


What We Do

Business Consulting is not a radical idea–our process is radical.  We provide both “traditional” business consulting as well as modern services and advice relevant to the our present environment.  From employee wellness to aggressive digital marketing tactics, White River Consulting provides sound advice without the pretense. 

Old School Marketing and Sales

Great marketing drives sales, and sales is the keystone of EVERY business.  Methods change, but the fundamentals remain–as a small to medium sized business, you are always selling.

Risk Management

Internal policies and controls are boring.  So is keeping on top cybersecurity and social trends.  Too bad.  Risk management is not only for large companies.  Fortunately, adequate protections are not hard to develop with the right input.

Process/ Company Culture

6 and more dog sports that you can practice in the training room. This will most probably be the best and best-equipped training hall you know.

Digital Marketing

A million hairs that dogs will lose at the hairdresser. It’s hard to count exactly, but in a year, they will surely make a million!

Our Passion Is Advising Businesses

White River Consulting is a small management consulting operation aimed at preventing other small businesses, from doctors to lawyers, service companies to manufacturers, from falling into the traps that befall all business owners. It’s that simple.


Our team has a vast amount of experience (including many failures) to call on in providing counseling and consulting services to our clients.  We firmly believe that competent and reasonable guidance should be a cornerstone of all businesses, and that no client should EVER hesitate in calling a consultant in order to avoid unreasonable rates.  

White River Consulting provides a diversified portfolio of consulting services to clients in a variety of areas–however the focus remains squarely on small to medium sized businesses across the country.

We Are Very Selective About What Clients We Take



White River Consulting does not take on clients because we have to, but because we want to.  

Consequently, we only work with a select group of businesses whose goals and present situation provide an opportunity to add value.  The vast majority of our clients are referrals–and this is our primary form of marketing.  You won’t see White River Consulting on a billboard.
If you are interested in harnessing your business’s marketing, or simply need some new ideas to move the needle, feel free to reach out.

Who We Help

At White River Consulting, we focus on small to medium sized business and encouraging growth.   We strive to be the person in the room that will honestly and reasonably drive businesses towards success.


Running a small to medium sized law firm is difficult.  White River Consulting was born out of the process that founder Ryan Bradley faced in taking over the reigns of marketing his own practice in in Champaign Illinois.  Over the last 15 years Ryan and his team have had experience with almost every major Legal Marketing provider in the space and have developed effective and economically responsible tactics for competing in a difficult market.  Ryan works directly with both the decision-makers for each form as well as the folks who are responsible for implementing tactics.  Each legal client is different so the process is bespoke and developed after significant analysis.

As an attorney, Ryan has a unique perspective with respect to advising business focused on providing a service.  At the end of the day, all professional service business is about sales.  The fundamental processes and approaches that provide success in operating and marketing a small to medium-sized service business carry over across all industries.  


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